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About us

Lighting is beyond a simple effect and technology — it is an art, culture, thought and emotion.

Light House was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing contemporary and high quality lighting products in Kosovo and the region.

From the door to door presentations and the first shop of only 12 square meters, Light House has managed to grow rapidly yet sustainably. Today, we run one of the largest showrooms in the region, with around 2,000 square meters and over 5,000 products. In 2015, Light House expanded its operation through two new showrooms - one in Prizren and another one in Gjakova. As of today, we have successfully implemented projects in Kosovo, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Albania.

We tailor our services to the needs of the clients and satisfy their interests with premium quality products and genuine solutions. Light House cooperates with best manufacturers of lighting products in the world. These are precisely the reasons why we have been trusted by hundreds of clients.

Our products — with refined designs and fully compatible with environmental regulations and energy saving features — provide the right solution for the needs of architects, designs and installers and meet the needs of our clients.



We partner with global leaders in top quality lighting and Furniture products, including but not limited to:

⌐ Artemide


⌐ Petridis Lighting

⌐ Grah Automotive

⌐ 3F Filippi

⌐ Disano

⌐ Gaber

⌐ Magis

⌐ Nardi


⌐ SCAB Design

⌐ Light4

⌐ Lucente

⌐ Connubia

⌐ Ideal-Lux

⌐ Lucide

⌐ Master

⌐ SimonUrmet



We have been trusted by a number of professional architects to whom we do not only sell our products but partner with — in order to bring creative and suitable solutions to a wide range of clients we serve.

In addition to the lighting products, Light House offers office furniture, too, and has so far implemented more than 70 different projects including offices, restaurants, coffee shops, and the like.

Light House offers the following types of products:

⌐ Consumer

⌐ Soft-architecture

⌐ Professional

⌐ Outdoor

⌐ Contract


Courtesy of our attention to details­ and cutting edge products we have been able to satisfy the needs of most demanding buyers. Some of the company's clients include:

⌐ Hotel Emerald

⌐ HIB Petrol

⌐ ProCredit Bank

⌐ Banka Ekonomike

⌐ Besa Security

⌐ American Chamber

⌐ Glav Bolgar Stroy (Palace of Justice in Prishtina)

⌐ Hotel Classic

⌐ Scardian

⌐ Kujtesa HQ

⌐ FiveStar Fitness

⌐ Gym Fitnes

⌐ Kerasan

⌐ Devolli Corporation

⌐ Devolli Group

⌐ Vushtri Castle

⌐ Kosovo Museum

⌐ Soma book station

⌐ INFRplus NNP

⌐ Albaqeramika

⌐ Marigona Residence

⌐ Art PUB, Luxembourg

⌐ Albi Mall

⌐ Liridoni

⌐ Intersport

⌐ Vitaminka

⌐ GettFit Gym

⌐ BluKids

⌐ Super VIVA

⌐ GazetaExpress

⌐ Novus

⌐ Princ Caffe, Albi Mall

⌐ German Embassy

⌐ Lemon Tree, Prishtinë

⌐ ReneCaffe, Prishtinë

⌐ PizzaHouse, Prishtinë

⌐ Qarshia Marigona Residence

⌐ Dent Marigona Residence

⌐ SoBe Marigona Residence

⌐ Gizi Grill, Prishtinë

⌐ LargeBar , Prishtinë

⌐ Rings, Prishtinë

⌐ Konak-L, Prishtinë

⌐ Marry’s, Prishtinë
⌐ Hotel Gracanica

⌐ Agora, Prishtinë

⌐ Corner, Prizren

⌐ Konak Restaurant

⌐ Trofta, Istog

⌐ Coyote, Klinë

⌐ Aroma, Prishtinë

⌐ MiniMAX, Prishtinë

⌐ Amadeus, Prishtinë

⌐ Mellow, Prishtinë

⌐ SachCaffe, Prishtinë

⌐ Shabani Grill, Prishtinë

⌐ Kastrati Group, Pejë

⌐ Lips Caffe, Prishtinë

⌐ Angel MakeUP

⌐ Shamrock, Ferizaj

⌐ Meridian

⌐ Sirius Vine, Albi Mall

⌐ Zone Club, Prishtinë

⌐ Restaurant Gresa, Prishtinë

⌐ Restaurant Ora, Merdarë

⌐ Shaqa, Gjilan

⌐ OneWay, Prishtinë

⌐ Qerimi Bakery, Prishtinë

⌐ Shopping Centre Arjeta, Skenderaj

⌐ Elysee BAR, Prishtinë 



We serve clients of different profiles:

⌐ Businesses

⌐ Residential

⌐ Hotels & Restaurants

⌐ Educational institutions

⌐ Health institutions

⌐ Historical Monuments



Attention - we value and pay special attention to our clients and their needs;

Quality and performance - we deliver high quality products and services;

Creativity - we always try to bring new ideas, designs and products;

Accountability - we are accountable for our mistakes and achievements;

Integrity - we complete our tasks on time and in a professional manner.



Address: Veternik, 10000Prishtin, Kosovo (Prishtina - Gjilan highway)

Tel: + 381 38 733 333

Tel mob: +386 49 310 100

E-mail: Kjo Adres e Posts Elektronike sht e mbrojtur nga reklamat e pa dshirueshme.Ju duhet JavaScript e lejuar pr ta shikuar at

Web: www.lighthouse-kos.com



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